Unsuitable for Suitors

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My immature maturity.
My clarity in confusion.
I'm left blinded by both the Wiseman and the Flasher.

Chiseled face and groomed to play the part,
The Flasher dazzles everyone around.
Words derived of sugar coupled with daily reminders of his affirmation
Project a scene of fairytale wishes.
His keen consistency is muddled by actions
Creating a brief haze of reality.
His touch is accepting, careful and soft.
He thinks me delicate or fragile,
Under the guise of respect and consideration.
Thoughtfully crafted, I am made to feel special,
As I too am expected to dazzle -
It's part of plan - part of his show.

Polar opposites and yet the same -
The Wiseman's beauty is undeniable
As his wisdom and vulnerability shine from within.
His creativity and talent converse with my soul
While the passion in his self-defined purpose pulls at my core.
Captivating eyes tell me everything and nothing…
Like an unquestionable, unshakeable kindred spirit.
His touch brings a familiarity filled with longing, comfort and assurance
While arms like smooth rocks form a welcomed barrier around me.
Unscripted and unrehearsed he's trusting and un-trusting -
Unsure of my worth I assume and yet
When the clock strikes 5 o'clock
I'm reminded of his stubble texture against my smooth face.
Occasionally dancing to the same song,
He makes me feel unwelcome with a sense of belonging.

Both suitable suitors yet not wanting the part
Beautiful smiles so confident and reassuring
they shine the same in their separate ways.
I can't help but to feel accepted and unsuitable.

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