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I've said it before and I'll say it again, I think my fellow music lovers will agree that Music is such a strong force. It moves you into a realm deeper than reality. It can resonate a movement so deep that you can’t help but give into its passion. The harmonious bass and treble touts the sensuality in your soul. It’s the perfect melody over an enticing beat that envelops you into comfort, understanding, and acceptance. Music paces the rhythm of our lives and I for one couldn’t live without it.

Tonight was the perfect example of that when I treated my father to an Anita Baker concert for Father's Day.  Why Anita Baker?  Well for one, my father and I have been fighting over the same record for almost 15 years - Anita Baker's 'Composition'.  Even though we have our own discs, we can't help but declare claim when we see it at one of our houses and then feel we need to "take it back", meaning at any given time one of us will have both discs.  Since this has been going on for years I decided we would resolve the bickering (at least for one night) by attending Anita Baker's concert tonight at Chastain.  As mentioned, I have been a huge fan for over 15 years. Now, what would a 15 year old know about Anita Baker?  All I know is that there is something about her voice and her effortless runs in and out of alto to soprano and back again that simply move me.  It affected me then and continues to do so today, especially live. She is the epitome of a true artist.  Nothing touts true professionalism like letting the crowd decide your song line up.  The improvisation in each song performance was truly amazing.  Not only does she feel every word and every note - she makes you feel it too.

If only we had more artist like her.  She an inspiration to me - the confidence she has in her talent - she doesn't hold back.  When she gives - she gives it all.  She reminds me of what music and vocal talent should be and what I hope that it will return to someday.

View the video below to get a small taste of what I witnessed tonight, even though the video (by another concert goer) is horrendously shaky, it doesn't take away from the soul she gives to song.

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