Matters of the Heart

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It seems there is nothing more confusing and taboo than matters of the heart. Doesn't seem to matter who you are, what gender you are or how old you are.

I am always amazed and find it funny we when dive head first into something as soon as the heart says go and our heads aren't even involved. I find it strange that we ask for multiple outside opinions when it comes to clothing or haircuts than we do about putting our own hearts on the line. We consider it a drastic change to color or cut our hair, or to purchase a sweater but then tend to not think twice when it comes to giving our hearts so completely to someone else.  The first of which is easy to  "recover" from...and the other not so much, yet we tend not to caution the latter.

There are some things that we seem to want honest opinions on and others we don't.  I don't know if its because we don't think we can handle it or we're just opting to live in denial. I believe that we already have our minds made up when we ask for other opinions, and the only reason we are asking, is to receive validation on something we are already confident about. Now on the flip side, when anything triggers our internal alarm and we feel even a speck that some thing or someone isn't right for us we jump quickly to denial.  "If I don't address it or acknowledge it, then it's not's not happening", that is never the why do we do it? And if anyone should point out the caution that we already know...we get angry.  How DARE they point out something we already know when we are already going through so much to avoid it. We certainly don't ask for opinions because that's just inviting them to burst our bubble, right?

I think we all want to live in fantasy world; our own individual utopias, so as soon as we reach that "cloud 9", we don't want to acknowledge anything that could bring us down from that high. We want to stay as high as we can...for as long we can.  However, that only increases how hard we fall from that high when the truth inevitably burst our bubble. Of course there is such a thing as being too cautious in this situation as well, although that seems to be more rare. I would assume that it has to be a good mix. Mixing rationality with emotions and somehow, in some way, making sure one doesn't dominate the other.

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