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Tonight I was walking to my car and something drew me to the sky. When I looked up I was almost mesmerized with how illuminated the sky was. It was perfectly clear and you could see every last constellation. It made me pause for a moment to appreciate the sheer beauty of it. It also made me think back to when I was a teen and marveled at nature in that same way…. I tried to study everything stars, birds, plants, trees, etc

That every moment summed up life in a nutshell for me. That crystal clear sky is the same one that I used to look at over 15 years ago…sometimes it's hard to see through the smog, fog and pollution that we've put into the world but it has always been there. Tonight the clouds just happened to disappear and reminded me of the beauty that had been there all along.

Life is that way isn't it? There is a beauty to be found in each and every one of us. Sometimes we can't see it because we cloud it with emotional and physical pollution like stress, fears, anxieties, worry, etc. But, much like that sky, the true natural beauty is always there. We just have to clear the clouds that get in the way.

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