Good Gone Bad

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Ever wonder how seeing the good in someone before they do can leave you feeling silly or stupid?

Having faith in someone or putting your trust in someone is a great thing. It is a brave thing to do and yet if they do no respond in a positive way…if in return they show a side that is untrustworthy or not loyal then we are left feeling like the failure? Why is that?

“When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves.” -William Arthur Ward

What is wrong with expectations? Seeing or expecting the best out of someone should in turn bring out the best them and in ourselves right? When you look at the good in someone you are choosing to look at them without pretense, without judgement and without filters.

I know for a fact that the people that have taken part in my life did so for specific reasons. Though it did not always work out for the best and though we may not have kept in touch - I never question that deep down they are good people. I learned from them and they learned from me and for awhile we both grew in our individuality. I saw the good in them which is why I allowed them in my life. Yet, somehow I am often left astonished at the actions (or lack thereof) of the people I choose to trust…the same people in which I can see are genuinely good people but they have a hard very time showing it. Admittedly, I have carried around the burden of internalizing blame. Saying things such as, “maybe it's me that makes them act this way” or “maybe somehow I provoke such behavior”. Blame turns into guilt and then guilt gives way to anger or disappointment - all of which still remains internalized. “How could I be so stupid to trust them? I am so silly for believing they were different or that they really were a good person”. Sounds familiar right?

“You get the best out of others when you give the best of yourself.” - Harvey S. Firestone

I have to believe this is true. It takes a certain kind of strength and pride to be able to fully open up to others. To trust in them and allow them to share in your laughter, tears, fears, smiles, joy and pain. It takes a lot from us but we give our best because we see the potential to get the best in return. How can that be a bad thing? If others fail to see the strength, pride, and courage in that and if they can only take the good we have to give while giving nothing in return then they are the silly and stupid ones. We cannot carry the burden of failure when we have displayed such strength, pride, and courage. As a close of friend of mine said, “what you do is your karma and what they do is theres” and in the end that's what it is all about.

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