An Open Letter of Thanks

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This is not intended to be a poem so it shouldn't be read that way.  It's just an open letter to a friend that means a lot to me that I felt the need to put it in writing...or at least try to...though I haven't shared with them yet.

What do I do when I want to talk to you but I have nothing to say.
You don't need to speak. You don't need to reply -
I just want to occupy the same space in time.
I never miss you because you are always with me,
but I wonder what you're doing and imagine where you are.
Is it possible that time apart strengthen our individuality?
Further shaping ourselves to fit each others mold? 
How is it that we could be away for hours, days or weeks and
return with even more chemistry than when we left?

I feel encouragement to grow myself - to take in and experience all that I want to
because it's best for me which makes it best for you.
You top the parts of me that are already full and breath life into my every action -
shining a light in me for the world to see.
I learn from you and you learn from me -
you walk alongside me without even having to take a step.
You are the center - the peace that I can sometimes lose sight of
but you are the reality and dream all put into one.

I hate the rain and the cold but with you -
your gentleness and tenderness give me endless sunshine and warmth.
I want nothing more than what you give.
I can only hope to return to you all that you give to me.
Hoping you experience the zen that you provide.
Is this what it feels like when worlds collide?
We just fit - working together seamlessly,
though these words do little justice, so I'll just say…
Thank you, Baby Boy, for being my friend.


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