But I'm a Good Person...

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I'm not a bad person…

For some of us that's the thought that follows so many questions such as Why me? How could they? Why would they?

You are not a bad person, you are positive, you treat others well and expect it in return, but the fact is that none of that matters - not to those who wrong you. It doesn't matter whether or not you are a good person.  Whether or not you wouldn't do something to someone - it doesn't stop them from doing to you. 

We are always taught that opposites attract right?  So why would evil simply run in the same circles as evil?  It doesn't work that way.  You are good, smart, caring, strong, and loving and you occasionally attract those that are bad, moronic, mean, weak and filled with hate.  Why? Because they target you.  Like bees drawn to honey they need to feed off you to keep themselves "alive".

What DOES matter is that you consider yourself a good person and that each trying situation presents you with the opportunity to prove how good, smart, caring, strong and loving you are.  So you've been wronged.  Yes, that stinks.  Yup, it hurts. Your pride is bruised and your heart bleeds.  What next?  Sorrow, anger, resentment, retaliation?  I wouldn't think so, at least not if you are the good, smart, caring, strong and loving person you think you are.

We all experience negativity in our lives, whether direct or indirectly, but its the way we choose to deal with them that separates us from bad, moronic, mean and weak.  So what's to stop the good ones from just being mean?  The simple fact that to be truly happy you have to be true to yourself. At night when you are lying in bed - when everything is dark and still and your mind begins to reflect, you'll strive for that feeling of internal peace and acceptance not bitter resentment or regrets.

We are good people and in order to remain so we have to realize it is not our fight nor our problem to deal with those that have wronged us. The problem is theirs and that is where it should remain. You should only separate yourself from these people when possible because you're smart. Forgive because you're caring. Walk away because you're strong. Pray for clarity and guidance for you both because you are loving.  Continuing to do what's best for you will eventually allow the good things to fall into place. 

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