A Letter To You (Spoken Words left Unsaid)

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I didn't mean to, that I know for sure
What I thought I'd thought-out was oversight
Blinded by youth and comparisons of the unknown
What did I know? Then I'd say I thought it all
Now I know that I knew simply nothing at all
I left you all alone…. but I didn't mean to...

I didn't realize that we could never be
I thought no matter what we could go back to "we"
I believed in time apart to grow as individuals
Thinking self-security would strengthen our bond
Only instead it broke us both and left you
Unwilling to forgive or trust…I didn't realize…

I didn't see these smaller pieces
As I painted our great masterpiece
Attempting to solve 'us' without the "we"
I took away the only thing you were sure of
I asked you to stand on your own without support
I was your security - your rock…but I didn't see…

What am I suppose to do with these feelings from you?
I want you to be happy with all choices in your life
I wish the best for you and I hope you know that's true
But these feelings of panic and doubt
They aren't me - it's coming from you
Please tell me, with that…what am I suppose to do?

They say it's better to have loved and lost
But how can that be true?
How can you be lost when I can feel all of you
Loved, lost, and yet here forever
A part of me you'll always be but it can't stay this way
I only pray 'Time will heal all'…at least this is what they say….

I didn't meant to make you feel you weren't good enough
You bulked up when I called you skinny
But couldn't you see I so loved that about you
Your self-described imperfections made you perfect to me
But in pushing you to find your happiness
You only found fault instead…I didn't mean to…

You need to know that yes it's true
You were a victim of adolescent ignorance
Yet intentions were nothing but genuine good
Yet facts are facts and so this remains unchanged
I loved the real you as you did with me and
Never unwillingly, I gave you all of me… this you need to know…

I say to you if never again - You are beautiful
Your smile and eyes showcase the purity of your soul
Instinctively you lead with your heart over your mind
Your talent and mind can accomplish anything you wish to
Yet, you're stubborn in ways only I can comprehend
So if this must be the end... I ask you just believe all I say to you...

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