The Dreaded 3-0

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Can someone tell me...what's the big deal with turning 30?

Don't get me wrong - I understand better than anyone about the cliche and the pressure of what's expected from turning 30. It's all about the stable life which contains all of the glitter that little girls dream of. The age where you either already have, or have at least secured, the potential partner that will turn into the one and who will put that ideal rock on your finger as you skip happily down the isle in white. The cloud 9 life with a bun in the oven and the picture perfect house, with or without a picket fence, but definitely with a kid friendly yard. This followed by the devoted and doting husband who can't get enough of you and his kids. The couple that all other couples envy and who never argue or fight. Where did this cliche come from?
And more importantly, who has followed this cliche and can say that they are TRULY happy with it and that it turned out like they expected? Is this what we REALLY want or is this just expected of us and we simply don't want to disappoint? How was this picture ever defined as the ultimate happy ending? Was it from Movies? History? Fairytales? It certainly doesn't seem to come from reality since in this day and age this seems extremely unrealistic. It actually may have been unrealistic in preceding decades, we just once again felt obliged to conform, but for whom I don't know.

For those waiting in the wings under the constant pressure of society and the undeniable ticking of your biological clock, you are most likely dreading this upcoming day...but let me tell you, "IT'S NOT A BIG DEAL"! In fact I think I just may have been waiting for this decade my whole life. The decade where you can stop trying to "find" yourself and you can just "be" yourself. A time when you can stop wondering about what you want to be when you grow up and just enjoy growing up. That time you begin to realize it's about the life in your years and not the years in your life. The time when the only standard that you need to worry about is the one you set upon yourself. When it's all about what YOU want to do with YOUR life...and not what you've read in a storybook or magazine. We are all different, this is what makes us human, so how would we all fit into the same mold? It's simple we can't...and don't.

So here's to the BIG 3-0!! I welcome you with open arms!

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