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Here, with the sun on my face, there’s just no other place
Where the warmth brings a glow and flush to my cheeks,
And each breeze leaves me drunk with contentment.
I greedily consume each moment with deep breaths
Filling my lungs until they can store no more then
I imagine that I am lying along a sandy shore.

Gazing at the sky leaves me hypnotized.
The glare of the rays seem angelic and surreal and
I can’t help but to feel immersed within my own utopia.
Where nature’s melody of chirping birds ground me to a reality
Where everything is still and there is nothing but peace and harmony,
From the swaying Magnolias and dogwoods down to budding tulip tips.

Joyous companionship, stimulating conversation and toasting of glasses
Fill local patios as friends all gather and share wholehearted laughter.
Hours start to fly with no care as to why, as the sun begins to fade
Problems emancipate and happiness seems the only common fate
While tunes fill the background creating the ideal soundtrack
Do you like Pina Coladas in Margaritaville Buffet style?

A mini stay-cation; a form of release…
It’s that perfect tranquility of a spring day haze
That makes you long for a time of much simpler days.
Where worries are neglected and positive sentiments radiate
And you feel as light as the petals that drift up and down the streets.
For me, there is no better time than when I can smile and say…Spring is finally here.

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