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I was asked if I intended on blogging about my personal training sessions and body transformation.  Initially no, since I'm looking too much for a body transformation as I am for a healthy and fully functional body as I continue to age, I thought it would be boring to write about.  However, I didn't think about the motivational part of it.  This journey IS going to be filled with highs and lows which is what this blog is about anyway so here it goes...

First day of personal training yesterday.  It was an "easy" day.  Day filled with assessments and taking measurements.  We pinpointed where my back and knee pain was coming from and started correctional exercises to lengthen and realign my muscles before heading into the more strenuous workouts.  My trainer said he wasn't going to make me breathe hard on the first day but that I would sweat.  He forgot to mention he would still kick my ass!

Starting from the beginning - first question asked, "Did you eat breakfast this morning" and I answered as I do most mornings, "Nope".  After scolding me a bit he told me the day would be an easy one.  After taking initial photos and evaluating how I stand and move and learning that I favor one side of my body over the other it was time to work the 'weak' side.  Granted, the actual moves were not difficult....for the right side of my body but my left side was DYING.  I don't think I have ever used so many muscles in my shoulders, butt and back....and that's without using weights!  I used my own weight as resistance and boy was that enough.  I did sweat...and became lighted headed  a few times (next time I'll remember to eat) but by the time I left I felt stronger.  My hips and ass burned throughout the entire thing.  Ever have a charlie-horse in your gluteus maximus AND medius well that's what it felt like! Besides that though, my thought when leaving yesterday was, "oh, I've got this...this is easy".

Fast forward to this morning.  I am so confused as to why my legs, inner thighs,  butt, hips, shoulders, back, arms, upper abs, lower abs...screw it - EVERYTHING hurts.  My body is so angry with me at this moment. Now don't get me wrong, I wasn't a total couch potato before this session.  I did Pilates, circuit training (with free weights), Zumba, kickboxing, and cycling - I just haven't done them in the last month or so, but even still I don't think I've EVER felt this much pain after a workout session - which to my trainer's point, just means I wasn't doing something right.  Now, I certainly feel the pain so I hope to eventually see the gain.

Next step (for today) is trying to wrap my head around this eating plan he's put me on...more on that later.

I'm actually looking forward to my next session...well, I'll look forward to it more after I soak and get massage!

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